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Colt Legacies Project

Colt Legacies is a  program led by the North Marion High School Band Program and Alumni. Through this project, the hope is to raise $30,000.00 to support the organization on our road to recover from the devastating COVID-19 pandemic. While Colt Legacies started as a fundraiser, it has turned into a way to re-engage with alumni throughout the program's long history and look back on over three decades of Northside Pride.

Clicking the button below will direct you to the Colt Legacies Campaign dashboard. This site is sponsored and managed by the North Marion High School Band Boosters and Alumni. 

The band program at NMHS provided me with lifelong friends.  We supported each other in all capacities during those high school years and those ties are still there 35 years later.  These friendship were created due to years of teamwork and competing together.  The work ethic and pride we developed under the guidance of Mr. Cuddington gave us an edge  when beginning our careers.  I am so grateful for the memories!!  Go Colts!! #1987


Sondra Mullener
Trumpet- '83 - '87

The  Music Department helped me realize that there were many opportunities outside of high school that I did not even consider to be an option. The program changed my career choice and pushed me into education, and ultimately led me back to the program that helped me so much so that I could, in turn, give back.


Christopher Morin
Baritone/Percussion- '06 - '10

The Colt Stampede taught me responsibility and respect for those around me, Helping me escape from the drama of the world to focus on creating and learning music while making friends that turned into family and memories that will last a lifetime.


Zoe Melin
Alto/Baritone Saxophone- '16 - '20

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