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July 26th - 28th @Camp Kiwanis (Overnight)

July 29th - August 1st @ North Marion HS (Daily)


Departure to Kiwanis: 9am on 7/26 at North Marion HS (via bus)

Return from Kiwanis: 4pm on 7/28, pickup at North Marion HS

North Marion HS Times: 8:30am - 9pm Daily


All parents and students must attend the mandatory pre-band camp meeting on Tuesday, July 23rd at 6:30pm in the North Marion HS Auditorium, after our ensemble rehearsal. The meeting will cover trip itinerary, travel policies, and will have a notary (free!) in attendance for camp form signatures. Rookie members will also receive their new uniform items at this event!

Trip forms which must be signed include:

1) "Off Campus" permission form (must be notarized)

2) "On Campus" permission form

3) Emergency Contact form

4) (Only if needed) - Medication Authorization form


All forms must be submitted before your student steps on the bus on Friday, July 26th - no exceptions.


Band Camp is a closed rehearsal atmosphere and, without prior notification, visitors will not be allowed at Camp Kiwanis. This is for student safety and immersion. Thank you for understanding.


If you would like to volunteer please visit the volunteer link to complete an application. Then, email to let her know your intent to volunteer.

If your student requires a prescription medication to be on hand or administered during band camp, please fill out the medication form on the back of the Signature Forms pack. 

Band Camp Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: Is band camp required?

A: If you wish to participate in the Competition Band, yes. It is our only opportunity to work together and learn all of our music and drill to be ready for our early-season competitions and football games. However, it will be one of the most memorable experiences of your high school career!

Q: How much does band camp cost?

A: Nothing! Attending camp (overnight included) costs nothing more than your Competition Band fees - meals are included. Please help us continue offering a free camp by donating to our Feed the Stampede Campaign!

Q: What meals are provided at band camp?

A: For our overnight band camp, all meals are provided (Day 1: Lunch/Dinner, Day 2: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner, Day 3: Breakfast/Lunch). For our daily camp at North Marion HS, lunch and dinner are provided.

Q: What do I need to bring to camp each day?

A: See the "Band Camp Information Pack" below for a detailed packing list.

Band Camp Forms

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